Ceramic is a recyclable natural product, which has been used wherever aesthetic appearance and functionality are important. Modern manufacturing methods produce a highly homogeneous, hard material, already successfully used in space and micro technology.

Fired at very high temperatures, the surface is food-safe, 100% resistant to UV light and extremely resilient
Discover superior kitchen styles sourced from the world leaders in the craft. Whether you are seeking functionality,a stylish aesthetic or a cozy kitchen,we offer numerous possibilities for expressing your individual attitude to life in the kitchen. It pays in the end to by the best in the beginning.

What can we say about glass that you don’t already know? It is brilliant and easy to care for. ALNO offers a wide selection of different glass doors, from gloss or matt glass in a variety of colour options, to contrasting finishes with an all-round metal frame in stainless steel-effect, perfect for elegant, premium kitchens

ALNO offers a selection of high-gloss finishes, creating a light-filled and luxurious look and feel to your kitchen. The multi-lacquered surfaces ensure the perfect and lasting high-gloss appearance. Premium quality by ALNO.

Choose a handleless door for a truly contemporary kitchen. The clean, precise lines epitomise seamless style and can reinforce the sense of space with no fixtures or fittings to protrude or distract from a striking overall look. ALNO currently offers 14 handleless ranges.

At ALNO our lacquered doors are sanded, lacquered and polished five times – a technique that produces a wonderfully smooth finish and shine, rewarding you with perfect reflections. Our lacquered doors are available in matt or gloss and include textured lacquer and new lacquer laminate.

This surface material is composed of several “profi” paper layers, bonded together under high pressure with a special resin and pressed onto the chipboard. Laminates are preferred for frequently used areas, such as worktops, window sills and kitchen doors. The material is robust and very long lasting.

Matt doors are a popular choice for creating a subtle and sophisticated design with the feel of smooth, refined luxury. Easy to maintain, extremely resilient and resistant to fingerprint marks, this contemporary finish is tactile, elegant and of exceptional quality.

Real wood is the perfect material to create a kitchen with natural character. The surfaces of this range are protected by several layers of high-quality lacquer, making it highly resistant to dirt.

Low maintenance, scuff-proof and resilient, the powder coating guarantees strong robustness and colour fastness, whilst the non-porous steel surfaces repel grease, making them particularly easy to clean. A cardboard honeycomb between the 0.8mm steel sheets provides maximum stability and strength, allowing the fronts and shelf boards to retain their shape despite their lightness, even under heavy loads. Furthermore, the panels cannot be warped by moisture or temperature changes as the material features impressive heat resistance, being 100% humidity resistant.