From the layout to the tiniest detail: at T & C, you are the architect. Design the kitchen of your dreams.

Unit Systems
Everyone is different. To make your ALNO kitchen a relaxed and comfortable working environment, it should be designed precisely according to your personal requirements. The inner qualities of the ALNO unit systems provide a clearly organised kitchen that is convenient to use on a day-to-day basis.

Getting the right working height is an important part of the design process. ALNO makes this possible with four different standard plinth heights and a variety of unit heights.

Electrical appliances built in at a higher level make things easy on your back, and the storage space should be comfortable to use as well. Drawers and pull-outs in base units that can be withdrawn fully provide easy access to the furthest corner of the units. Wall units with folding, lifting and flap doors mean that there is nothing in the way of your head even when they are open.


Drawers and Pull-outs
Design is a balance between form and function. Your kitchen storage must not only look fantastic, but also work beautifully.

We provide enough room for everything you could possibly keep in a kitchen. So whether it’s a sliding-door unit, a hinged-door tall unit or a practical pull-out larder, you can keep your kitchen free of clutter and as immaculate as the day you bought it.

The Corner Carousel and the specially-shaped Le Mans Corner Unit are both easy to use and easy to love, with swivelling Arena shelves that are height-adjustable, and chrome railings for elegant interiors.

No matter what you might want to put away – bulky bottle crates or slim baking trays – ALNO has the right pull-out solution to make full use of every space.

Fine wooden organisers can be chosen in genuine ash wood, or smoked oak, and as you can expect from ALNO, are available to fit every drawer and pull out, regardless of size. Then add a touch of class by choosing optional felt liners. Functional inserts are also available, such as storage for spices and bottles.


Value Added Fittings
At ALNO, we want the action of our drawers and cabinets to be as sleek and ingenious as their designs. Enter ServoDrive. Just a light tap on the fronts will open them electronically or glide them closed, making everything much smoother. For extra convenience they can also be fitted to wall units.

The ALNO hinge is yet another piece of brilliance that works behind the scenes. The small cushioning mechanism allows you to close every door gently and quietly. After all, we want our kitchens to be seen, not heard.


Glass and Metal
At ALNO, we make practicality beautiful. Conceal unsightly kitchen essentials and obtrusive equipment behind attractive frosted glass fronts and easy-access aluminium or stainless steel-effect roller shutters for the tidiest of appearances.

Wall units with soft-lift or folding doors, particularly suitable for smaller kitchens, maintain an integrated look when closed and ensure maximum headroom when open.


Niche Systems
Choose niche elements that stylishly present those kitchen all-rounders such as paper towels, tin foil, herbs or hanging utensils. Positioned just where you need them in stainless steel-effect and gloss chrome, these multifunctional systems are pleasing on the eye and on the mind.


Lighting Solutions
In the design of our kitchens, one of the most important materials we use is light. Delicately integrated, our lighting systems are practical and attractive. They illuminate the work area and highlight the design of the kitchen itself. But they serve another purpose too; they help you feel at home. This way, whatever you’re creating in your kitchen, the lighting is always creating an atmosphere.


Waste Management
One area of your kitchen has a particularly hard job to handle every single day, and that’s why it deserves special attention.

Rubbish and cleaning agents are frequently stored under the sink. Everything must be perfectly organised here so that nothing touches or mixes.

By offering items such as stainless steel enclosures in the sink floor cabinet and well-arranged waste separation units, ALNO provides a helping hand.