Carpets are very practical and have many creative installation possibilities in combining colors and designs.

They can easily be stored and transported in boxes including in the elevator of high buildings or apartments. You will have less cutting waste in comparison with broadloom carpet and there is no need to use an adhesive as they can be loose laid. Furthermore it is easy to replace a damaged tile.

Human Connections

Today, we are more connected as a society and, ironically, increasingly less connected, shielded from each other and the natural world by our screens, our cars, our homes and the buildings in which we work.

When we walk outside, our pathways reveal the importance of re-connection. Where we choose to go, how we get there and the unexpected gathering places we find on our way. Invariably we are also drawn to areas of respite where nature is present, whether nurtured to grow or simply there by its own persistence.

Composure Collection

Surrounded by distractions, we lose our ability to connect and focus.

Nature restores our sense of calm and helps us feel more grounded. Composure’s pattern is inspired by natural rock formations and creates a tranquil, comfortable platform.

The collection offers a wide range of neutral, pastel and bright colorways, as well as the transitional Composure Edge, which facilitates a flow from one color to the next.

Composure has been designed with the organic, non-directional flexibility to flow through large areas with ease.

Employ Collection

The Employ Collection offers versatile design options in a package that’s easy to work with and friendly on your budget.

Use Employ Loop wall to wall for a broadloom look, or create different zones in an open work-space by combining different colorways.

Employ Lines can be used to connect different shades of Employ Loop, or on its own as a dynamic statement.

Employ Loop is offered in 24 colors ranging from neutral to bright. The eight colorways of Employ Lines and Employ Dimensions combine four colors from the Loop range, allowing you to create a design aesthetic with playful elements.

Global Change Collection

Shadows on the forest floor. Sun darting behind clouds. Scenic coasts meeting grassy dunes. Our Global Change Collection is inspired by nature’s transitions. Using organic patterns and linear textures, this collection draws connections between people and earth, morning and evening and dark and light.

The collection is a sophisticated interpretation with a range of colors, textures and formats in both small scale and bold, graphic aesthetics.

From open areas to enclosed spaces, Global Change can reinforce the purpose of a space – much like a clearing in the woods.